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Featured Articles About Female Circumcision. The Difference Between Female Circumcision (FC) and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Gender Equality: Male Circumcision & Female Circumcision

Gender Equality: Male Circumcision & Female Circumcision Earlier this year, Icelandic parliamentarians submitted a bill to ban male circumcision. Members of the clergy from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish faiths together lodged protest against this violation of the right to religious freedom and claimed that legitimate concern for the welfare of infants could not justify […]

Sexual Dysfunction and Female Circumcision; Are they related?

The predominant discourse on female circumcision claims that any alteration of or ritual involving the female genitals, regardless of severity, results in sexual dysfunction. Despite the lack of credible scientific evidence, this myth remains stubbornly prevalent. The rite of Islamic female circumcision is limited to the nicking or slight cutting of the foreskin covering the […]

Cosmetic Surgeries & Female Circumcision

Female genital alterations, performed for cosmetic reasons, receive no censure from the WHO and are legal. These procedures are performed mainly for aesthetic, non-medically indicated reasons, to affirm culturally specific feelings of self-worth and definitions of beauty. These procedures, legally performed on minor children, can include piercing, clitoral unhooding or hoodectomy, the removal of parts […]